LifeFlex is a short to medium term regular investment programme with great flexibility, recognising your often unpredictable financial circumstances.

With LifeFlex you have a way to build your wealth effectively, maximizing the advantage you have from your higher level of earnings whilst you are working away from your home country. You should try to save as much as you can to provide for those surprises along the way of life.

By investing part of your income without being committed to a longer period than you are comfortable with, you will find a sort of paradise with LifeFlex. You will know that your money is working, and yet you know you can get at your money quickly without huge penalties.

LifeFlex is not an insurance product therefore there are no penalties if you miss a few payments.

The LifeFlex regular investment plan enables you (or your employer, or both) to invest for a period of at least three years and a maximum of ten years. It does not matter how young or how old you are and there are no questions concerning your health or hobbies.

The LifeFlex enables you to invest regularly minimum USD 100/GBP 100/EUR 100 per month or lump sum.

The simplest strategies are often the best – LifeFlex offers three investment strategies:

These strategies allow you to invest into a portfolio of investment funds covering most of the main stock markets around the world especially the newer emerging markets .

LifeFlex is brought to you by Cornhill Management, a European Union-regulated investment company in existence for more than 10 years. Your investments will be into Luxembourg regulated investment funds and you will benefit from EU investor protection.

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