Advantages LifeFlex

  • LifeFlex has no lock up periods
  • LifeFlex has no periods where your money does not work for you
  • LifeFlex carries no penalties when you miss a few payments
  • LifeFlex allows you to withdraw 95% of your investment at any time
  • LifeFlex enables you to follow the path of your investments easily, through half yearly progress reports
  • LifeFlex rewards your investment discipline by Extra Bonus (4% of total investment amount) after achievement few requirements

LifeFlex allows you to:

  • increase payments as you like
  • reduce payments as you like
  • miss some payments
  • withdraw before maturity date
  • add lump sums to your account
  • switch your portfolio strategy for free up to three times

In fact you have almost as much flexibility as leaving your savings under your bed, but with higher safety!

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